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Tip 1: Using Dynamic (Database-driven) Parameters in LBI
Tip 2: Java error when opening up ProcessFlow utilities
Tip 3: Re-submitting bad Compiles
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Tip 1: Using Dynamic (Database-driven) Parameters in LBI

You want to use dynamic parameters--fed from a database--with your Crystal Report, which is published in LBI.  However, when the report is viewed, the LBI parameter page just uses static text boxes:

You can remove the LBI-generated parameter page so that you can use the Crystal parameter pages, which lets you use dynamic and/or cascading parameters.  In Report Administration, Click on the ‘Customize Report Parameters’ for your report:

Select on the parameter(s) defined on your report, and click the ‘Delete’ button:

Now when you view the report, you are utilizing the Crystal parameter page, which can include dynamic and/or cascading parameters:

Tip 2: Java error when opening up ProcessFlow utilities

I get an error ("Windows cannot find "\bin\javaw") when opening up ProcessFlow Administrator, Scheduler, etc. on the Windows machine.

If you get this error when opening up ProcessFlow Administrator, Scheduler, etc. on the Windows machine:


Make sure you have system variables, LAW_JAVA_HOME & LAW81_JAVA_HOME, pointing to the JDK installed on your Windows machine:


Also, use DOS 8.3 Naming Convention, not Windows Long File Names.

Tip 3: Re-submitting Bad Compiles
Often when you do a full Lawson recompile (i.e. via cobcmp), there are some programs which don't compile due to contention within GEN, compiler issues, etc. All it usually takes to fix them is to simply resubmit them on the compile queue. You do this using the qcompile command, which submits individual programs to be compiled.

The problem is knowing which programs need to be re-submitted. This is based on the existence of the .err file in the xxsrc directory. I used to just re-submit these by hand, but quickly figured out it's a real waste of time. So I wrote a script:

cd $LAWDIR/prod
for src in `ls -d *src`
   for pgm in `ls $src/*.err`
         qcompile PROD `echo $src | cut -c 1-2` `basename $pgm .err`

It's not perfect, as it doesn't differentiate if the .err is really associated with the program itself, the screen/form (i.e. BL20.scr.err). Nor does it figure out that user exits need the -u switch. But it does take care of 95% of the re-compiles. The rest I can take care of by hand.
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