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Going to CUE 2010? (Or just wish you were?)
Content Management solutions for A/P
Anyone using Lawson and Ariba?
Arizona state withholding A-4 on PR13
Closing old PO's and PO line
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"Procrastination isn't the problem, it's the solution. So procrastinate now, don't put it off."
- Ellen DeGeneres
Going to Lawson CUE 2010? (Or just wish you were?)
Join the LawsonGuru.com Group for CUE 2010. Meet and greet, share travel plans, critique the keynotes, share session reviews, and more.
Welcome to the latest issue of The LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community.  The LawsonGuru Letter is published by-and is solely the opinion of-John Henley of Decision Analytics.
Content Management solutions for A/P
We are looking into options for our A/P process to ECM (Content Management) solution. We have noted that Lawson lists 2 partners on their site; however, we would like to have input as to some of the vendors that are in use as to document imaging, etc. We would like pros/cons; ease of implementation, usage, etc that you may have experienced, etc. Any and all replies are welcome!  Read More...
Anyone using Lawson and Ariba?
We are looking to move Purchasing and Receiving from Lawson to Ariba. But we would still want Lawson IC to be updated for "I" type items. We are thinking about using IC500 to interface an IC Receipt transaction. Anyone doing that differently or have any thoughts?  Read More...
Arizona state withholding A-4 on PR13
Hi, I'm new here and I was wondering if any of you know where I can find information on how to set up an Arizona A-4 form properly on PR13.  Read More...
Closing old PO's and PO lines
Can you tell me what the best practice would be in order to close PO's and PO lines that have been hanging open for several years?  Read More...
Thanks for joining us this month. 
John Henley
Decision Analytics
Worthwhile Reading
Software's Temperamental Star
The outlook for on-demand business applications remains promising, but there is room for improvement.
CFO Magazine, December 2009
ERP: How and Why You Need to Manage It Differently
Enterprise Resource Planning has become a legacy system. That means simpler implementation, reduced maintenance costs and integrating new technologies.
CIO Magazine, February 1, 2010
Note: In print publication, article titled: "Reviving ERP".)
Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, Big Time
Business Intelligence and business analytics have become core tools to guide business decisions, develop strategies and create new opportunities.
Baseline Magazine, January/February 2010

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