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“A mother’s love endures through all.”
-- Washington Irving
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LP Manual Allotment Plan
We are looking to create a very simple, basic allotment plan for a small number of employees. Balances will be uploaded in the first pay cycle of the fiscal year (LP70.2) and a pay code/service code will reduce the balances as hours are used by the employee. There are no accruals, no GL liability. Any consideration in doing the setup? We currently don't have an allotment plan and are wondering if all the tables (accrual, GL, etc.) need to be set up. Read More
From Locations
Good Morning, I have a few requesters who keep selecting the incorrect From Company on their requisitions and product is shipping incorrectly. Has anyone come up with a way to restrict or force From Company/Locations on requisitions? The Defaults are setup correctly within RQ01 as well as the RQ04 profile. Thank you. Read More
PR170 file location
I am trying to change the default file location for PR170 which is (/work directory). I have used jobdef in LID to define a path under (External Name like d:/lsenv/law/lsapps/work/pr170pospay/) but the file keeps going root of work folder. I would eventually have a file channel scan file but I don't want to point File channel to work folder. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
MHC Invoice Images in Crystal Reports
We are using MHC Ix Entry I need some help getting image links in Crystal Reports that will reside on LBI. Is anyone else out there doing the same?
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