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Quote of the Issue
“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.”
-- Steve Martin
Trending Topics
Searching in RQC Template
We are looking at getting rid of our search catalogue on RQC and having all our users use the template. We have no issues searching for items by MPN, description 3, and VPN on search catalogue but find there are some scenarios where it isn't working the same on the template. I have been told the search function on template is very inconsistent. Read More
Extracting Received Not Invoiced (PO135) with SQL
I am trying to automate the data gathering for an AP Scorecard report in Excel. Part of the info I need is the Received Date and the Current Amount for PO's that are received but not invoiced. This info prints on the PO135 report, but I would like to get the data directly with an SQL query through an Oracle Client. This can all be done with a VBA macro in Excel. I need to know what fields and tables to get the data from. I'm not sure if this type of thing is discussed in this forum or on this site. Read More
ESS Pay Stub
Is there a way to view ESS pay stubs for an employee without being that employee?
Adding secondary vendor to PO13
My director has asked me to add a secondary vendor (for several items) to PO13. How can I accomplish this? Can it be done without performing a Replace & Inactivate?
Worthwhile Reading
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Using People Analytics to Build an Equitable Workplace
Automation is coming to HR. By automating the collection and analysis of large datasets, AI and other analytics tools offer the promise of improving every phase of the HR pipeline, from recruitment and compensation to promotion, training, and evaluation.
Harvard Business Review, January 2022
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