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LawsonGuru Letter
May 2018
Thought-Provoking Commentary for the Lawson Software Community
Welcome to the latest issue of The LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community. The LawsonGuru Letter is published by--and is solely the opinion of--John Henley of Decision Analytics.
Quote of the Issue
"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." "
-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
In This Issue
Email ACH Fraud
We've been experiencing a wave of ACH fraud via email lately. Our employees receive a fraudulent email, accidently click on the link (even after being instructed to not do so), the hacker somehow obtains there login info. and makes ACH changes via ESS. We're currently still on Ver9 and I've confirmed with Infor there is no additional audit trail aside of PR212 or querying data from EMACHDEPST. Ideally, if the employee would simply not acknowledge the fraudulent email, we wouldn't be experiencing this issue. It's very difficult trying to determine a pattern of some sort within the data, aside of specific referenced banks in these scenarios. We're looking into implementing a possible additional layer of security with extra authentication of some sort. I'm just curious if anyone has experienced ESS fraud similar to this or has any possible suggestions? Thanks for any input. Read more
Manually Adjusted PTO Balances
Is there a report which shows manually adjusted PTO balances and who posted the adjustment? I'm looking to develop a policy /procedure on the verification of manual adjustments to PTO banks. Read more
PAR Replenishment
Hello - We have a newer hospital that has no available space for a perpetual inventory location, but we have a few Supply Rooms that are set up as PAR locations in Lawson. Is it possible for these Supply Rooms to be used to replenish other PAR locations via MSCM? Seems possible with some IC02 & IC12 work, but if someone could speak from experience I'd appreciate it! Read more
Self Directed Lawson Training?
Hi, I'm new to the Lawson environment and am trying to identify learning resources so I can gain proficient knowledge of the platform. My co-workers have been very helpful but I want to learn as much as possible on my own. My role is a Technical Application Engineer. Therefore, I'm interested in learning the technical side, not the functional side. Although, I do need to know the basics of the user facing application in order to assist users. I have years of previous technical experience as a programmer and database developer on Windows and Unix/Linux. I've tried searching on the Infor Xtreme web-site but I don't know what documentation and reference guides to start with. I've requested some CBT training but that may or may not happen, so I'm stuck with reading manuals and asking questions.  Read more
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