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"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand."
-- Frank Herbert
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ACA BN299 Manifest File
I'm in version 10.0.8, and the BN299 manifest file is still not generating the Augmentation Number... anyone else having these issues? We are in the process of upgrading to Version 10.0.10 and when I'm testing, it works in that version. Just curious if we missed a patch for our current version that is obviously programming fix in 10.0.10. Read More
Ready for a change?

Memorial Healthcare System is one of Florida's leading and largest public healthcare systems in America. And, they're looking for an Infor/Lawson IPA Developer! Read More
Long first name
I was wondering how anyone has handled an employees first name that is more than 15 characters on HR11. I know the preferred name is longer, but that feeds into other systems so we want the actual preferred name to be captured in that field.  Wondering how this will impact W2's and 1095's? Will the record be rejected because the name/SSN aren't valid?
Cycle Count Accuracy
We're looking to create a custom report for cycle count accuracy. I know there's an ICACCURACY table but we're wanting to get down into the items themselves. Do historical item counts get stored somewhere? I cant seem to find that table.
ACA - Rehire from 1 process level to another
We have multiple situations this year where we have employees who are terminated in 1 process level, then they are rehired in a different process level as benefit eligible. Their 1095 is going to generate a 1H, 2A not covered not eligible 1095 for the old process level that they weren't even active in. They are obviously getting a 1095 in the process level that they are current receiving benefits in. Is there a way to suppress this without having to put their whole record as No Print on BN99 and recreate the whole thing as a resource on BN95? We have the 1095 records going off of HR History. Does someone do it a different way and get different results?
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