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Quote of the Issue
"Nearly one-half of all Americans are torsos."
-- Demetri Martin
Trending Topics
Inventory Replenishment
We are creating a warehouse for pandemic supplies that will supply two of our hospitals with inventories. We want to set the replenishment at the hospitals to pull from this new location. My question is, how will will know at the new location that one of the two locations needs stock? Read More
Ready for a Change?
Ascensus is looking for a Senior Financial Applications Analyst
Can PR514 be used to mass load W-4 changes?
Our 3rd party provider has requested that we explore the possibility of using XML files in place of the pdf files that we use presently as (manual) input for PR13 (Employee Taxes). The idea is to somehow automate the process. Read More
Org Chart Photos
We've loaded employee photos so they show in the Org Chart in ESS. There's a checkbox at the top of the page to "Show Employee Photos". By default, it's not checked. When you check it, it will load photos the next time the chart is loaded. I swear I found an option in some configuration to have the box checked automatically when the page is first loaded. But I'll be darned if I can find it now. Any happen to remember coming across this? Read More
Expired Credential Notification not processing
We are attempting to send expiring credential notifications from GHR Utilities (not from a ProcessFlow), but the email notification recipient (employee/resource) is not receiving them. It appears that a process is not running. Any idea what we are missing? Point me the correct manual or config guide? Read More
Worthwhile Reading
Now Is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Hire Great Talent
While the Covid-19 pandemic hits and reshapes companies, industries, national economies, and our society in previously unthinkable ways, business leaders need to think beyond survival to the opportunities this crisis might create, not only for their own organizations but the greater good. Chief among these is a chance to hire talented people at a time when they might have trouble finding or keeping jobs elsewhere.
Harvard Business Review, May 2020
Best Places to Work in IT 2020
Investment in employee development is a common theme among the top organizations on this year’s Best Places to Work in IT list.
Computerworld, May 2020
Security Mistakes Your Work from Home Employees are Making
The new WFH environment, schedule freedoms and distractions are causing many to slip up and put sensitive company data at risk.
Information Week, May 14, 2020
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