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Quote of the Issue
"All great achievements require time."
-- Maya Angelou
Trending Topics
COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking
Hope everyone is staying safe! I have been tapped on the shoulder to come up with a process of how to track the vaccine using the Lawson inventory system. Is anyone else tracking this in the system? If so, how have you set this up, how does this get translated into how many doses of 1st and 2nd dose left, days left to expired....etc. I have built this out in our test system based on how I think it should be tracked but would love to hear others input. Thank you in advance! Read More
Deleting Archive folder after certain time
I have a flow in Infor IPD and is creating output files at the end. I have already created a archive path where output files are stored. Also i wanted to create a feature on that archive folder to delete all files after 30 days. is this possible in IPD ? Suggestions would be appreciated. Read More
Date calculations in LPL
How can I create a derived/compute field that will prorate the number of days till end of year from start date of an employee? We need this for calculating eligibility into plans? Suppose a person was hired on Start Date 4/1/2020 we need the difference between 12/31/2020 and 4/1/2020 in days in a derived field. Something similar to datediff in IPA. Read More
Looking for 1095 Printing, Mailing, and Filing Partner?
Good Afternoon And Happy New Year! Looking ahead to 1095 time, and knowing that we are going to be short staffed this year...Is anyone using a 1095 Printing / Mailing / Filing Service? Read More
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