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Quote of the Issue
"I don't like to commit myself about heaven and hell-you see, I have friends in both places."
-- Mark Twain
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Lawson Fax Integrator
My company is wondering what others are using for their Fax and Email capabilities. We would love to replace our fax integrator PC with something virtual, or use RightFax which we already are for other purposes. Just unsure of what other options are out there, or maybe someone has seen the Lawson Fax integrator running on a virtual machine? Read More
Ready for a Change?
UCHealth is looking for a Lawson ERP Systems Analyst
Issue with JavaScript Date
I am hoping somebody else has run into this issue before. I seem to be having with a JavaScript calculation in IPA. We are trying to take today's date (i.e 10/15/2019) and move it forward to December so the date range starts at 12/01/2019. However, when the script runs it returns a date of 00/01/2020. The script works for every other month in the calendar except for 12/1.Read More
Punchout PO20 Purchase From
We are implementing punchout and we are having an issue; we have different purchase from locations. I was told to set up the ED45 with the purchase from blank and add the purchase from on RQC on the detail profile (header). When I look at the RQ10 the lines don't have the purchase from location, after I run the PO100 and I look at PO20 the purchase from is blank (unless I add the purchase from location on the ED45). Does anyone have different purchase from locations? Read More
BN531 Cannot change with Stop function code
Trying to use BN531 to stop a Defined Contribution benefit but I am getting "Cannot change with Stop function code." Can someone help me with what the bnbatch should look like? Read More
Worthwhile Reading
Why do most HR analytics projects fail?
HR teams are under pressure to produce insights from employee data, but if they're not clear about where that data comes from and why, they could end up alienating staff and cause projects to fail.
Personnel Today, July 25, 2019  
6 biggest healthcare security threats for 2020
Healthcare continues to be a popular target for ransomware, cryptomining, data theft, phishing, and insider threats.
CSO Online, September 11, 2019  
Robots will come for our jobs. Will we love them or loathe them?
Imagine your boss comes to your office and tells you that a junior colleague is better than you, and will replace you, leaving you jobless. Now imagine a similar scenario, except the boss says you’re being let go because a robot will take over your job.
Information Management, August 28, 2019  
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