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"Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves."
-- Abraham Lincoln
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Hiding Non-Stock Items in RQC
We have non-stock items that have never been ordered since we transitioned to Lawson 5 years ago. They still want to keep the info going to EPIC through the clinical bridge so I need to find a way to hide these items from showing in RQC without inactivating in IC11. Any ideas?

Moving from LS/STS to ADFS
We have received the notification from Infor that they will no longer be supporting LS/STS for authentication effective March 1, 2019 and are encouraging customers to move to ADFS. I am seeking information on what it would take to convert from LS/STS to ADFS. Did you have to engage an outside consultant to perform this conversion? Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thank you.

Update user's attributes in AD
Goal - Capture employee changes from Lawson and update AD attributes with new changes, such as phone number/Manager's info/Activate/Deactivate user.

I am planning to read HRHistory table to capture the changes at end of the day into CSV file, then update AD with new information.

Is it possible to use syscmd node to run power-shell script to update AD?

Position Control in Lawson (One-to-Many)
We are starting to contemplate transitioning our position control from a one-to-one structure to a one-to-many structure and utilizing PA70 to track the Headcount and Total FTE. Would anybody be willing to share how they utilize position control in Lawson? How is the Headcount/FTE Budget calculated to be loaded in Lawson? In talking with Finance they create the budget by calculating the annual salary plus cost of benefits (not necessarily the amount of FTEs that are budgeted). Does anyone utilize the Salary Encumberance on PA70?

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