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“That's the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl.”
-- John Madden
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ACA ALE Member Group - Transmitter Identification Number
This is my first year doing 1095's out of GHR. There is a new field that wasn't in S3. In the ALE Member Group, it's asking for my transmitter identification number. I never had to put this in S3. How did you find that number? I've looked everyone on the AIRS site and in my IRS profile. I only see the TCC information. Read More
Security LPL Question
Since there is no manual on LPL, having trouble trying to figure out how to check input and display an error message or limit drop down selection. My ideas on how to control this are:

1) For those who can't create One or Emp vendor, limit display on list of vendor class to exclude ONE or EMP (PayablesSpecialist_ST) Business Class Vendor

2) If One or Emp is chosen in the drop down, send an error message that would keep them from selecting these vendor classes PayablesSpecialist_ST) Business Class Vendor

They don't want to go the route of the vendor security class because a payables processor will not be able to view all vendors for creating invoices. 

How to code is the question here.  Any ideas? Read More
Links in Manager Self Service
We are looking to add some additional links in Manager self-service under direct reports and I was wondering if anyone had done this already? We are hoping to pull in things like assignments, pay history etc. We would also like to change the icon for the drill around as it is not very intuitive. We were able to remove a few of the links we didn't want and add one, but the back functionality is not working as expected. Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated. Read More
Multiple PO25 agreements for an item
If I have an item in Lawson listed under 2 PO25 agreements, how does Lawson know which one to use when creating PO? I was under the assumption it would use the lower price agreement. Both agreements seem to be exact in nature with the exception of the price. However, POs seem to be using the higher price agreement. I cannot put the higher price agreement ON HOLD because there are items on it that are not on the lower price PO25...if that makes sense. Should I change the Priority level under Header Type Specific from a 5 to a 1 on the lower agreement? Suggestions? Read More
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