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Quote of the Issue
“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers.” 
-- Kahlil Gibran
Trending Topics
Special Character in Vendor Item
I'm not sure if there's another thread with a resolution on situation is that a special character was uploaded as a vendor item# so I tried adding another PO13 record with the correct vendor item# and made it default (it did not automatically default as it has the same vendor#). I'm now trying to inactivate or at best delete the erroneous record but "Vendor item does not exist" pops up.... Read More
I am trying to understand how the replenishment days filed in IC182 affect the par utilization. Read More
Email Notifications from Employee Self Service
We are looking at implementing Employee and Manager Self Service in our Lawson 10.0.7 environment and would like to understand which email notifications can be sent using the Email.exe CGI program without needing IPA. Currently, it seems that Adress Changes and Direct Deposit changes work, but Time off request and Tax withholding don't, even though the setup exists for both. Read More
Days On Hand by Item
I am looking to see what reports or if someone has a SQL query that calculates days on hand per item. Thank you. Read More
Worthwhile Reading
For IT, showing you’re productive matters now more than ever
Many companies turned to productivity monitoring software during the pandemic to keep track of workers. The IT department won't escape a closer look either.
Computerworld, October 19, 2022
The art of delegating: 6 tips for IT leaders
Letting go of vital tasks can be challenging. But CIOs can free themselves up to tackle higher-level issues and build stronger teams by viewing delegation as a key leadership skill to develop.
CIO, August 25. 2022
How a Marketing Tool is Becoming the Healthcare Industry’s Security Nightmare
Advocate Aurora Health is only one of many health systems to disclose a PHI (protected health information) leak related to use of "tracking pixels."
Information Week, October 28, 2022
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