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January 2009

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All We Need is a Reset Button
Updating LSF Core Technology ->
Changing the Number of Workunits Displayed in the Inbasket
Preventing Portal 9.0 Users from Changing the Product Line and Other User Options
LSF9 AGS call in Design Studio
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"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."
--Abraham Lincoln
All We Need is a Reset Button
Imagine how nice it would be to have a "do-over" available when you need it.
Welcome to the latest issue ofThe LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community. The LawsonGuru Letter is published by-and is solely the opinion of-John Henley of Decision Analytics.
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Updating LSF Core Technology ->
Has anyone made the jump from one core technology level to another? I want to update from to Lawson has instructed me to follow the "Installing Lawson Core Technology Updates" chapter in the Core Technology Installation guide. The guide is quite vague and does not instruct what files to download (I know the patch files to download, but the core files?). Does anyone know where I can get better documentation? Does anyone have any words of advice?  Read More...
Changing the Number of Workunits Displayed in the Inbasket
You can add a user preference to change the number of workunits that are displayed in the Portal Inbasket.  Read More...
Preventing Portal 9.0 Users from Changing the Product Line and Other User Options
One of the new features in Lawson Portal 9.0 is the ability to "lock down" certain User Options.  Read More...
LSF9 AGS call
I have been trying to get a simple AGS to work in LSF9 Design Studio. The script is running through its step properly. I have followed the various values during the executions but unable to see the field get updated.  Read More...
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Worthwhile Reading
Book Excerpt: The Numerati by Stephen Baker
By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management.
Bridging: Solving Many-to-Many Relationships in the Dimensional Model
This article will take a closer look at the many-to-many relationships in a dimensional model.
To Kill or Not To Kill a Project?
Is terminating a project a waste of the efforts already exerted? Or is it an evolution of mature information technology practices? Based on the survey findings of one IT governance organization, the answer depends on whom you ask.
SaaS Integration: Real-World Problems, And How CIOs Are Solving Them
Installing SaaS applications is easy. It's integrating them that can drive up the cost and complexity SaaS is supposed to avoid.

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