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"I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific."
-- Jane Wagner
Trending Topics
Position Control and PA70
There's interest from the business to implement Position Control. We don't currently utilize PA70, but I'm interested in hearing from or speaking with anyone who does use it effectively. Our positions are coded by Job Code, Process Level and Department. We use Lawson to initiate new job reqs (and route them for approval). Anything we should consider? Thanks in advance.

IPA Batch Job Monitoring after WebRun node kicks it off
When we kick off a batch job with the WebRun node in IPA, is there a way to delay the flow from moving to the next node until the job successfully completes? Or do we have to use a Wait node and determine how long the job usually takes to run? Thanks in advance for your help!

ESS Time Entry Screen Shots?
We need to capture time in and time out and have the total time worked captured. Is this possible in ESS Time Entry? If so, could you share screen shots so I can see what it looks like? We are new to implementing ESS.

The HCPCS code looks like it can be loaded as is, but I'm not sure how the UNSPSC codes can be loaded into the individual categories. The field help doesn't show anything for these f4 field of Segment, Class, Family and Commodity. GHX is providing the file from Nuvia that contains the UNSPSC codes. They are 8 digits in length. There is one code that is numeric, but the individual categories have a title. Does anyone have a process they can share on how they load these codes into Lawson?

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