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“Your future depends on what you do today.” -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Lawson PO Numbers
Hi, I am a new user and have a question. Has anyone had issues with vendors that read a PO as 11111-0-BILL = with the "-0-"? We use GHX and for some reason when we change an EDI order to email it transmits the "-0-" and was just wondering if there is a way around it. Read More
Anyone using PR124 for RROP calc?
Is anyone out there currently using PR124 to calculate regular rate of pay in CA? If so, are you including OT earnings in your calculations? Would be interested in hearing more about your PR20.3 setup. Read More
Infor Process Designer (IPD) Installation
We are moving from Lawson 10 to Infor Cloudsuite. In the past when Landmark changes, we had to install a new version. I heard that a new version will be loaded. I remember Rich Client worked that way. Is that correct? In the past, I had to install Strawberry Perl. Is that still the case? Read More
Automatically stopping benefits
It's been about 10 years since I had my hands in benefits administration in Lawson and I'm drawing a blank. I'm working with a Lawson client who is loading annual benefits enrollments. They have employees being added to a new EL plan 7/1/2023, but they system is not automatically ending their previous EL enrollment as of 6/30/2023 as I would expect. For the life of me, I can't remember where it's set up to say an employee can only be enrolled in one EL plan. Read More
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