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Quote of the Issue
"I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.."
-- Mark Twain
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ADA Accommodation tracking
Has anyone found a good screen/method to track ADA accommodations? We use LP51 to track leaves, but management is wanting to track ADA accommodations in Lawson as well. I see PA15.2 (Work Restriction and Accommodation), but it doesn't have a lot of data points. Has anyone found another screen to use? We currently do not use any of the Health and Safety screens, but would be open to if that's a better option than LP51. Read More
GLS215 versus CAS530/1
I’d like to get peoples thoughts and opinions on something…
Our Finance Team will run the “GLS215 General Balance File Display” program, and specifically look at the totals for “Account 1200 – Raw Material In” and “Account 1220 Finished Goods”. Then they will run the “CAS530 Inventory Value. Print Reconciliation List”, which has a total at the bottom of the report. There is an expectations that the “Detail Reports” (i.e. CAS530) should match the Trial Balances (i.e. GLS215). In everyone’s experience, is that a reasonable expectation that those two tie out? And if not, why not?
Mass Upload Resource Profile Picture
I would like to ask if you have any idea on how to mass upload resource profile pictures. Appreciate your response. Read More
Questions about splitting between HR CloudSuite / PR On-prem
Fairly new to the Lawson world of things but the company I'm now at has been using Lawson for HR / PR needs for years. Our PR dept couldn't be happier with infor but our HR side would like to move to a new application preferably cloud based. I have a couple questions about this. Read More
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