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“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” -- Mitch Albom
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How to link REQ # to PO# in Lawson Tables
We have a report to run for a specific company and cost center. The report needs to contain REQ# and PO#. Which table(s) will obtain this information? Is there a current PO table that contains REQ# ? We've tried REQLINE AND PORECLINE along with REQHEADER but are unable to link to get a PO#. 
Best way to run reports in Lawson
What is the best way to run a report in Lawson? other than Add-ins?
Company switching Banks for Direct Deposit
Our company is switching banks for Direct Deposit. We are trying to do the setup for the new bank, and we are running into some difficulty. The record on the BANKACCT table looks fine, but PRSYSTEM has a new record for the new bank that is missing the Process Level, and some columns have value that are starkly different from the old records. What are we doing wrong? What should the right order of the set-up be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Special spend as a % of total spend?
We recently had a presentation by a vendor who analyzed our PO History and showed a large percentage of our spend was due to items ordered as a special. This was somewhat concerning but I could see justification for it in a way (most of the specials were rare, high-cost items, such as a certain size screw, plates, etc.). I was wondering, could anyone kind of give me a ballpark of what your % special spend is compared to overall spend?
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What an IT career will look like in 5 years
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