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September 2009

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The Morphing of the Enterprise Software Revenue Model
Employee Self-Service under Lawson Security
Validating Each Detail Row of a Form
PTO without an Absence plan
Capacity Planning for Process Flow
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"I have seen the future and it doesn't work."

-- Robert Fulford
The Morphing of the Enterprise Software Revenue Model
An anomaly or an interesting market trend in the enterprise software?
Welcome to the latest issue of The LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community.  The LawsonGuru Letter is published by-and is solely the opinion of-John Henley of Decision Analytics.
Employee Self-Service under Lawson Security
Has anyone successfully implemented Employee Self-Service under Lawson Security?  Read More...
Validating Each Detail Row of a Form
I'm working on a Design Studio customizaton to PO39.1, and I need to iterate through all rows in the details section and check particular fields, but I don't have a clue how.  Any help is appreciated.  Read More...
PTO paid without an Absence plan
We have flex-time employees who are not setup with an LP Absence plan (i.e. no PTO).  However PR36.1 allows entry of a PTO pay code for these employees.  At least one employee was paid for PTO even though they do not have a PTO plan. Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Any setup recommendations?  Read More...
Capacity Planning for Process Flow
I'm attempting to get a handle on the effect of introducing Process Flow into our current environment.  Any thoughts on sizing?  Read More...
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John Henley
Decision Analytics
Worthwhile Reading
The Metric System
CFOs who want better workforce analytics should be prepared to put more "R" in "HR."
Business Requirements Should Drive Technology Investments
A business-driven technology strategy articulates the capabilities required for the success of an organization. To align your business-technology investments with your business strategy, you should focus on the type of value you want to create.
Five Reasons to Fire Your System Integrator
Although consultants make easy scapegoats when projects go wrong, there are definitely times when you should replace the incumbent.
IT Project Failures, August 7, 2009

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