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"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend."
-- William Blake
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Looking for some feedback on any HR / Payroll Outsourcing
Looking for some feedback on any HR / Payroll Outsourcing folks you all might be using. We are in a phase where we’ve had HCM with S3 in place for a while, and are getting ready to take the GHR Payroll Upgrade. At the same time, the business is starting to recover from COVID and we are starting to get super-busy (obviously a good thing!). One of the things that have become abundantly clear is that our HR / Payroll Team needs more people, but at some level, there may be a lack of desire to add people to the HR group right now. So they have been out looking to obtain service providers to actually complete the end-to-end performing payroll processing. Read More
LP Pay Cycle / Accrual Rate
Has anyone been able to determine the accrual rate used on a specific pay? Need to fix almost 200 LP records that got broken back in 2019 with a patch that is causing accruals to be missed on certain pays. Need to determine which pay cycle that pay would have been paid on and what the correct accrual rate would have been for that pay. Have not been able to find anything in their the LP events table or any PR table that shows the pay cycle it would have been for that employee. Read More
Closing / Clearing Processes for Invoiced Goods
The local Accounting group has just taken over from another business unit, and recently begun to use the Invoice Goods Not Received (IGNR) functionality in the M3 A/P system. We now have a debit balance building in our Invoiced Goods Not Received (IGNR) A/P clearing account and an apparent off-setting credit balance building in the Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) A/P clearing account. Trying to make sure we've got the process steps down and understand if there is there a specific matching or closing process we should be running to clear the receipts against the IGNR in the G/L? It doesn’t seem to be affecting the matching/payment of the invoices. Read More
Manager Space - Viewing Candidates
We have had many inquiries as to why Directors and above cannot view candidates for positions their managers have open. Currently the only way they can review the candidates is for their managers to print out the resume and email it to them. I am curious if anyone has modified the manager role to allow them to view any candidates for department managers that report to them. Read More
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