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Pennsylvania Employees
Comparing dates in IPA - PfiWorkUnit StartDate
Standing Inventory Issue/Order
Dealing with NT IDs of users after upgrade
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"If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?"
-- Scott Adams
Welcome to the latest issue of The LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community.  The LawsonGuru Letter is published by--and is solely the opinion of--John Henley of Decision Analytics. 
Pennsylvania Employees
We have our first remote employee in Pennsylvania. Does anyone have or know where there is good documentation with instructions on what exactly has to be setup in order for taxes to take properly? We appreciate any help. Read More...
Comparing dates in IPA - PfiWorkUnit StartDate
I have a simple flow where I am trying to find all Failed workunits from a previous day using StartDate within Landmark Node, PfiWorkunit object. I don't seem to be able to get the correct formatting to lookup a calculated variable on the Start Node, [ie: today1 = getDateAGS(AddDay(today(),-1))] and compare to start date PfiWorkunit Object in the Landmark Node. Any suggestions? Thanks!! Read More...
Standing Inventory Issue/Order
Is there anyway to create a standing inventory issue? We have a department that wants to receive 4 cases of paper every week without having to create a requisition weekly. This paper is a stock item in our warehouse. Read More...
Dealing with NT IDs of users after upgrade
We did an upgrade from v9 to v10. They are on separate servers but on Windows 2008. Now after we brought users to v10, NT ID's of users on v9 and v10 do not match therefore creating mixup of users in old records. So when we run HR105 on v10, we see different users on a report, that's because NT id of users on v9 are not the same as on v10. One viable option I'm thinking of is to write a script that will update data on productline databases. It will take a list of v9 and v10 users and do comparison of their ID and then update data running SQL statements. User_id field is on about 45 tables in productline databases. I'm new to Lawson and I thought there would be a standard way of dealing with this?! Also would it be safe to just update productline databases? Does GEN or LOGAN databases need to be updated as well? If you know of a better way to deal with this let me know. Any suggestions would very appreciated. Thank you! Read More...
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