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Welcome to the latest issue of The LawsonGuru Letter, a free newsletter providing provocative commentary on issues important to the Lawson Software community. The LawsonGuru Letter is published by--and is solely the opinion of--John Henley of Decision Analytics.
Quote of the Issue
"Life itself is the proper binge."
-- Julia Child
Trending Topics
AP03.1 data issues
Our AP team uses attributes on the vendors, and the data that displays in the AP03.1 screen does not match the data in the APVNMXVAL table. This is causing issues with integrations with other applications and reports. As a test I updated the data in AP03.1 and the database does not update. Is there another table that AP03.1 may be linked to or another reason that the data is not the same between Lawson and the database? Read More
PO20 - How to Create a PO with MS Addins?
Is there a workaround in MS Addins that will create both the PO Header and Lines using one MS Addins Upload Query? Currently we manually create the header in S3, and then input the PO # on the Addin upload to add lines. Wondering if anyone has been able streamline this process? Read More
Ready for a Change ?
Green Bay Packaging is looking for an Applications System Analyst
PO20 FC "Substitute Vendor Item"
Can someone explain how to use the Substitute Vendor Item feature? All the steps involved to allow a substitute. Currently, if an inventory item is ordered and vendor substitutes item, the only thing that changes on PO20 is the price. We would like to use the Substitute feature to accurately order/track items.
MSCM Par Count - Priority orders
I don't see anywhere on the handheld if we can mark a particular partcount order to be a priority one. I don't know if someone has done this, please let me know how it was done. Read More
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