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"I am not young enough to know everything."
-- Oscar Wilde
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PO10.2 Order Days
Does anyone know if we utilize the orders days option in po10.2 does it work for inventory AND non-stock po's? Would Lawson create multiple po's or merge them into one? Example, we order MWF from a vendor...req #1 is generated on Tuesday and not processed. Req # 2 is process Wed morning before the po run. Is Lawson going to generate 2 po's or 1? Read More
Android Devices
We have a combination of TC51 and TC52 devices in our health system. The issue we are having is the device button themselves being very close to the Infor application buttons on the screen. The user will want to click the next or previous button to go the next time on the screen but will accidently click the device button on the handheld. This closes down the par count screen and they will lose all of the work. Does anyone know of a device setting that can be changed or selected so if they accidently hit the device button it won't close out the par screen. Read More
Evaluation of run time in QUEUEDJOB table
For use within SQL queries, how do folks evaluate the total run time of jobs in the QUEUEDJOB table, since the STARTTIME & STOPTIME fields are formatted as (decimal(6,0),not null), instead of date/time format? We are trying to write a query to identify "long-running" jobs, in the active job queue by comparing the STARTTIME to GETDATE() time stamp, but not sure how to convert the STARTDATE formatting in order to be able to successfully compare the two. Read More
RW Reports and Account Groups
I just added several new accounts to our GL. We have a large selection of reports in RW and a lot of them use Account Groups. I have three Account Groups that might need these new accounts included, but I can't tell what reports are using them in order to see the purpose for the grouping. What I was hoping to find was a report that would list all of the report names that use each of these account groups. Read More
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