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"There is nothing as stupid as an educated man if you get him off the thing he was educated in."
-- Will Rogers
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Cloud Suite on-premise or in the cloud?
We are being told by our account rep, that there aren't any "on premise" customers on version 11, Cloud Suite. Is anyone on Cloud Suite, and if so, are you hosted in the cloud or on premise? If you are in the cloud, how often is there downtime for patches, etc. Have you experienced any outages? How is response time in the system? When you have a problem, is it difficult to get the proper support from Infor? Infor is making it sound as if there are too many updates to keep up with, to continue being on prem, and it is so, so difficult to support, that us customers are just not smart enough. 

RQC approvals by activity (not by user email)
Currently, we use IPA to route REQs for approval to one specific user (via one of the index fields in RQ04) simple and effective. However, we have end users that order for different Labs/Depts that use certain activities (grants) and when the user enters the REQ it goes to just that one person and many times this approver has to forward the approval to a different user/approver because they oversee the activity/grant. Is anyone in the same situation? and using IPA to route to approver via activity being used?  

Mass Upload New Hires into GHR
We are looking to mass upload new hires into GHR. Has anyone done this? I am thinking we need to create a process flow to upload from files submitted to us. Probably should have separate files for Employee, EmployeeContact, EmployeeAddress, WorkAssignment. Is anyone else doing this? Should we be looking at something other than process flow? Any tables that I am missing and should consider?

Invoice Void Audit
I'm trying to get a list of invoices that have been voided out of our system. Oftentimes they're rebuilt, and I can't get a good list from AP135, as the void process seems to wipe the change audit for that invoice number. I'm trying to find out who and why voided the invoice in the first place, but can't get any good information, either through reports or through the database. Thanks very much for any ideas.

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